We will profile the various ways of working, that IT needs to enable. This can involve visiting your sites to achieve a complete view of how your people engage with each other and more importantly, with your customers.

We will get your contracts and bills analysed by an impartial third party, to get a clear snapshot of what you're spending on infrastructure and connectivity. By understanding your current situation and your business, we will identify areas for improvement and innovation that will put you in control, reduce costs, increase productivity and give you the competitive advantage.

This is the foundation of an ICT roadmap that will support your strategic objectives, with tactical waypoints that builds your solution and your future.


Telecoms Audit

We offer a fully detailed third party report, on all your fixed line estate, partnering with Tariffcom.


LAN Audit

We offer a full on-site network audit service, including but not limited to:

  • Network Configuration
  • Server Configuration
  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam Protection
  • Security
  • Firewall/Router
  • Backup Information
  • Internet Services
  • Printers and Major Devices
  • User Information
  • Workstation Configuration
  • Application Licences
  • Database Licences
  • Procedures and Policies
  • Service Logs


Mobile Audit

We offer a fully detailed third party report, on all your mobile estate, partnering with Tariffcom.


Server Audit

A free audit of your current infrastructure can be carried out to ensure we match the cloud infrastructure to the actual usage of your environment (as opposed to its allocated physical resources). This is important to ensure the most performant and efficient service offering is provided, whilst identifying any cost savings. The Audit requires a low impact   collector application to  be loaded  onto any server to monitor the infrastructure and usage over the internal network. All data is stored for the 7 days of the audit in a highly secure location before being deleted after the Audit report is completed. The report will contain the key elements being created in the cloud environment over a 7-day period – Memory, CPU and Storage.

An introductory summary page will illustrate the servers with their current specifications and the suggested specification.  Each of the sections will illustrate each server and their 7-day utilisation results.

The Audit report will show the results and recommendations based on minimising the server size requirements while meeting the usage found during the auditing survey. The goal is to ensure a performant solution without over specifying the server to ensure costs are managed. Finally, the amount of storage will be suggested based on current usage and predicted growth. It is very simple to expand the size of the storage volume so the recommendation will be close to the current usage with some head room.