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  • Poor passwords still putting UK firms at risk

    20 September 2017

    Britons are still failing to protect online accounts from hackers with complex passwords, creating what could be a costly vulnerability for business, a study shows.

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  • Rivals Openreach and CityFibre share view of collaborative approach to broadband

    19 September 2017

    The government’s new found love for full fibre to the premises (FTTP) broadband infrastructure is most welcome, but its targets for roll-out are ambitious and the industry will struggle to...

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  • The children of the digital revolution

    14 September 2017

    Business today is in the throes of a digital revolution. It was provoked by the introduction of technologies such as cloud, social and mobile computing, big data analysis and the internet...

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  • EAN airline broadband service moves closer to reality

    11 September 2017

    The European Aviation Network (EAN), a hybrid satellite and 4G LTE network built by Deutsche Telekom and Inmarsat to serve airlines with in-flight broadband services across Europe, has moved a step closer...

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  • Ocado launches voice-driven shopping app for Amazon Alexa

    30 August 2017

    Ocado has launched an application for Amazon Echo that will enable its customers to shop using the Alexa voice service. 

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  • Contactless payments through mobile phones no longer a novelty

    19 August 2017

    UK consumers used their mobile phones to make £370m worth of contactless payments in the first six months of 2017.

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  • How the Met Office is handling a deluge of data

    11 August 2017

    IT industry commentators often quote mind-boggling figures to illustrate the huge volumes of data organisations will have to store and process in future.

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  • Nearly half of UK SMEs spend less than £1,000 on cyber defences

    1 August 2017

    Almost 50% of UK small to medium enterprises plan to spend £1,000 or less on cyber security in the next year and 22% do not know how much they will...

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  • DVLA trials Amazon’s Alexa for MOT and vehicle tax updates

    28 July 2017

    The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is using Amazon’s Alexa to enable motorists to check the status of their vehicle tax and MOT.

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  • Why company directors need to focus on the small print of software licensing

    26 July 2017

    Heads of businesses run the risk of breaching the Companies Act, incurring fines or a possible jail sentence if they fail to take proper account of software licensing terms.

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