Can we live without passwords?

Can you imagine a future in which we can be secure online without having to remember an unwieldly list of passwords? Solutions are emerging that could make passwords redundant, but there will be other security problems to resolve.

Passwords are one of the pillars of security and particularly of authentication. Used by the Roman guard at the time of the night shift, they are today one of the cornerstones of digital security.

Today, passwords are the crown jewels that attackers desperately try to steal, because they are so critical to digital security. Tomorrow, it may be biometric solutions, which, by the way, are not fail proof.

New authentication protocols will bring about new dilemmas. What will we do when our fingerprints become part of the public domain?

Other authentication solutions solutions will emerge, which attackers will crack, and so on.

In the meantime, for us to look forward and embrace the fourth industrial revolution, we need to solve today’s problem and leave our passwords behind.

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