Making the move to cloud work for you

Getting the best out of a move to the cloud means getting the size right, turning off what you don’t need, smart purchasing and continuously decluttering your new environment.

On average, people in the UK move house at least three times before they reach the age of 45. Each move represents a massive change in lifestyle and an excuse to get rid of shabby furniture, to be replaced by something more current.

Moving to the cloud should be considered in the same way. It doesn’t make sense to migrate the limitations of the old system intact – it would be the equivalent of shifting that hideous old vase from the centre of the mantelpiece of my old home to the centre of the new one.

Thinking carefully about how to migrate and transition an existing system to a new cloud solution will help to eliminate fundamental inefficiencies, and to make your systems a better fit for the future. These changes come in a variety of forms, for example replacing hand-crafted functionality to push messages to mobile devices with industrial-strength platform services delivered by cloud providers.

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