Ofcom gets go-ahead for new Openreach access model

Following referral to the European Commission, Ofcom is pressing ahead with a new regulatory model governing more open access to Openreach’s ducts, poles and dark fibre.

The European Commission (EC) has given Ofcom the green light to move ahead with the imposition of new regulations governing Openreach’s national broadband network, widening the scope of access to the provider’s ducts, poles, and dark fibre infrastructure

The proposals will extend access to the Openreach duct and pole network to communications service providers (CSPs) working on behalf of large businesses, and those building their own 5G or broadband networks.

Up to now, the duct and pole access measure had covered only those CSPs serving residential and small business broadband customers.

The regulator will also press ahead with new dark fibre rules, allowing CSPs to light up Openreach fibre with their own equipment in areas where it believes network competition is unlikely to emerge for connections, even with duct and pole access. As per the previously announced plans, Openreach will be able to set a price for this that fairly reflects its own costs.

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