Technology key to keeping staff happy

UK businesses that invest in the latest technologies are seen in a positive light by their employees, while organisations that lag behind with tech spread negativity throughout their workforce.

A survey of UK employees carried out by Unisys revealed the importance of providing staff with the right technology if firms want to retain them and get the most out of them.


The research, part of a global survey of more than 12,000 workers, found that 87% of staff at companies that are considered leaders in technology adoption are positive about their employer, while 70% at “technology laggards” are negative about their employer. And 14% of staff at businesses that are slow to adopt the latest technology even said inadequate technology makes them want to go and work elsewhere.

Outdated devices cause negativity from 56% of employees at laggard businesses, with 24% unhappy that they do not have the devices to enable them to work on the move.

And it is not just staff retention that becomes a problem when businesses fail to invest in the right technology. According to the survey report, worker negativity will reduce productivity.

“Workers are looking for agile, modern solutions that support their need to work in different locations or when on the move,” it said. “Failure to provide mobility-fuelled productivity has big consequences for employee satisfaction and motivation – which are driving factors in productivity.”

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