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The Horizon hosted phone system is the ultimate cloud-based communications solution and it will revolutionise the way your business connects. Say goodbye to outdated phone systems and embrace the power of seamless, efficient, cost-effective communication.

Horizon enables your business to optimise your investment, improve your customer satisfaction, retain your best staff and save time and money.

It’s the complete business comms service and gives you a great range of fixed and mobile telephone services through an easy-to-use web portal. It allows you to easily configure and manage your IT environment whilst enabling your employees to maximise their productivity. And the focus on online control and administration takes this tedious job away from your IT team.

With no capital outlay needed, a reliable service, and a jargon-free approach to telecoms, Horizon is suitable for all shapes and sizes of companies looking to boost their productivity.

This is a cloud-based service with a wide range of inbound call centre features that can be configured and managed via a simple web portal.

This add-on service enables you to seamlessly manage your call centre. You can ramp up the productivity of your call centre agents, boost their efficiency and help them deliver a first-rate service to your customers.

Horizon Call Centre is spot on for any business that receives inbound calls – anyone with sales teams, help desks, accounts departments, receptionists or customer service representatives, right through to more formal inbound call centre environments.

The iPECS UCP from Ericsson-LG Enterprise is a flexible, cost-effective, unified communications platform specially designed to meet the needs of SMEs and large enterprises.

It brings your business a variety of features that will help you compete and win, and give you the flexibility to meet the needs of office, home and remote users. With a range of analogue, digital, IP and DECT handsets, it also boasts powerful unified comms benefits like Microsoft Teams integration:

  • Call control – control all of your calls and telephony from your desktop or mobile
  • ClickCall – click your mouse to dial numbers from your screen
  • Chat Instant Messaging – talk to colleagues, collaborate and exchange information
  • Call Through/Call Back – call through your main office system to get reliable and cost-effective call rates
  • Outlook integration – smoothly synchronise your Outlook contacts and schedule
  • Audio Conference Manager – easily invite attendees to a voice conference using drag and drop
  • Video Conference and Collaboration – video conference up to six colleagues on UCS Premium including screen sharing, white board and web push functions
  • Visual Voicemail – manage all voicemails on your PC, smartphone or tablet

SIP Trunks are becoming the industry standard for connecting business phone networks over the internet. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and it’s basically a way to make and end connections for data and voice transfers over the internet. For many businesses, getting the right SIP provider can mean serious cost savings in the long run.

That’s probably e-volve. Our SIP trunking service costs less per channel and is more flexible in how and where geographic telephone numbers can be used. It’s also quicker to install and gives you solid business continuity as standard. It can support connections ranging from two channels for small on-premise PBXs, to an unlimited number of channels for large enterprises and contact centres.

In short, it brings your business lower costs, more reliability, free UK calls and fraud protection, number flexibility, business-grade voice services, affordable resilience options. And it enables you to rationalise your line and PBX estate.