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Forget dead zones. Get fast connection and consistent coverage in every room in your home.
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Almost everything in your home affects it. Every obstacle between your device and your router can slow it down, making it less reliable the further you are from the router.

So don’t settle for fast speeds only near your Wi-Fi router, get them in every corner of your home. Avoid complaints from avid gamers in your family, talkative partners or data-hungry teenagers by extending your Wi-Fi coverage.

e-volve can do it all for you. Here’s how.

Our Wi-Fi extenders amplify the signals coming from your router. They help send out a strengthened signal to reach into your Wi-Fi dead zones, ensuring that your connection reaches through walls and ceilings, and overpowers things like microwaves and baby monitors.

If you have a large home or one with an unusual layout with over two storeys or interior brick walls, then you might need a bit more help.

Our mesh wireless system will handle it. It’s basically a main router that connects directly to your modem, plus a series of satellite modules or nodes, placed around your house for full Wi-Fi coverage. They are all part of a single wireless network and share the same SSID and password.

Modern mesh Wi-Fi systems help you get rid of internet dead spots once and for all by filling in the gaps in your home coverage. They are super-simple to set up through the dedicated app. And once installed, you can enjoy consistent coverage and fast connection speeds in every room in your home – and right out into your garden.