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Gigabit Broadband & Rural Voucher Scheme

As part of its commitment to achieving full-fibre connectivity in Britain, the government launched its £67 million Gigabit Voucher Scheme.

This scheme has now been fulfilled, but the Rural Gigabit Vouchers is still funding connections, this is a £200 million UK-wide programme, focused on rural areas in the UK.

This means any Company looking to increase their bandwidth are eligible to claim a gigabit voucher that contributes towards the installation cost of full-fibre internet connections.

The Voucher is for any SME (Small to Medium Business) meeting the scheme's criteria.

Please contact our sales team to check yours....

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Why should you upgrade?

  • Rural Scheme - Claim up to £3,500 towards installation and setup costs (only pay VAT)
  • Rural Multi-tenant Scheme - Claim up to £3,500 per tenant towards site installation and infrastructure costs (only pay VAT)
  • Gigabit high-speed fibre
  • Faster internet access for increased productivity
  • Unlimited data usage

Claim your voucher by completing the ‘Contact Us’ form or call us on 0808 168 9699, our technical and sales teams are on hand to discuss anything you need to know about the products, installation and how it will be managed going forward.

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