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But there are still lots of people who like having a good, old-fashioned phone plugged into the wall. And for many people, especially pensioners and folk who can’t get out much they can be a lifeline, because they never run out of battery and need charging.

What’s more, since you can’t have a broadband connection without a physical line to connect it to your house, landlines are here to stay.

Which is why at e-volve, we’re all about landlines. We have a great choice of voice packages which feature landlines and a whole range of smart handsets.

Switch to e-volve and we’ll sort you out a deal that includes free calls to all UK landlines and mobiles. You can even keep your current landline number and your existing telephones. Or we can sell you some fancy new ones for all around your home if you like.

It’s easy to transfer to e-volve, and our Voice packages also include fraud management so you’re protected against scammers.