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Uncontended bandwidths from 2Mbps up to 10Gbps and more
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Our internet services are perfect for business users who require a fast, reliable internet connection. Whether this is a fully managed fibre leased line or a rural satellite solution, e-volve has a solution for everyone. As an independent provider, we can offer the most suitable product from all the major carriers.

Up to £10k budget for excess construction charges available per site

Leased Lines

Private, uncontended managed leased line, never compete for bandwidth

  • From 2Mbps up to 10Gbps and more
  • Dedicated service – 1:1 fully uncontended, sharing bandwidth is history
  • Guaranteed symmetrical upload & download speeds
  • Flexible bandwidth – adjust and pay for the bandwidth you need
  • Unlimited usage – no capping
  • Static IP
  • Fully managed premium router
  • Ultra-low latency – for critical applications, such as voice
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • 100% target SLA


Why choose a leased line?

If a tough, resilient internet connection is absolutely critical to your business, then e-volve leased lines could be exactly what you need. You can count on a fast, dependable internet connection with broadband and fibre but sometimes it’s not enough, businesses just need something more.

Find out if your business is one of them.